Window Regulator Replacement


Need a new regulator?

One of the most common auto glass problems that  we see is that your door window will appear to be off track or fall to the bottom of your door or it will not roll up or down anymore. When you have this type of window regulator problem, 99% of the time, you are going to need a window regulator replacement. The Window regulator controls the movement of the window.  The regulator, in essence, is a cable and pulley design operated by a handle or an electric switch and motor.  If the cable breaks then the window falls.

Why Window Regulator Replacement?

If your power windows are acting strange or are no longer responding correctly to their controls, call us for our window regulator replacement service. In addition to letting air into your vehicle on a hot day, power windows are convenient if driving through a toll booth or drive-thru.

We know the different components that make a power window system work, and we have the right tools to replace the window regulator. We’ll work to get your windows working right again.When your windows start acting strange, don’t wait. Let our friendly staff at Titan Auto Glass fix your faulty window regulator and get you back on the road in comfort again.

Titan Auto Glass has the best power window regulator replacement service in the DFW area and at competitive prices. Get your power window regulator replaced by our highly trained and certified technicians today. We service all makes and  models – foreign & domestic. Our friendly technicians can have your window regulator changed out quickly and accurately.